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Is your electrical system working the way it should or do you feel like you are not getting the most out of it? Modern day appliances are often more than older electrical systems can handle. When it comes to the larger items in your kitchen or laundry that draw a lot of energy, your electrical system may be struggling to keep up.

At Burke Services, we can help you if would like to replace your older panel with a newer electrical panel that can handle your energy consumption. Our electricians are trained to handle every step in the process of Fishkill panel change outs.

Give our Hudson Valley electric panel repair team a call today at (845) 262-4958! Serving Garrison, Beacon, Cold Spring and surrounding towns.

Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Without electrical training, it can be difficult to look at your panel and tell exactly how much it can handle or whether it needs to be upgraded. However, we like to educate our clients on the signs which may indicate that your electrical system needs to be upgraded. For example, if your breakers are frequently tripping, it could mean that your system is outdated.

A few signs that you may need to upgrade your electrical panel include:

  • Appliances are not running at full power
  • Your fuses are constantly blowing
  • You hear a crackling noise from the fuse box
  • You have two-pronged (non-grounded) outlets
  • You have installed a solar panel system

What Is a Sub Panel Used For

Sub panels are often installed for the following reasons:

  • Home remodeling / renovation: If more rooms are being added to a home, sometimes it is easier to simply add a sub-panel rather than upgrade the present panel to meet the new electrical demand.
  • Specialized rooms: Oftentimes subpanels are installed for rooms that have demanding electrical equipment like garages, workshops or a room in the home especially prone to trip the breaker.
  • Detached buildings: For a property with multiple buildings, a subpanel is a convenient way to wire a separate building on a property like a bunkhouse or mother-in-law suite
  • Upgrading without replacing the main panel: If a main panel is crowded with wiring but not necessarily worth replacing, adding a subpanel can clean up the space in a main panel.

When to Schedule Your Fishkill Panel Change Out Service

While you can choose to change out your electrical panel at any time, we typically require having it taken care of during other electrical services. For example, if you plan to make renovations or additions, install a tub, or upgrade your outlets, this is a perfect time. The last thing you want is to go through the trouble of hiring an electrician to make additions only to find out that your electrical panel cannot handle it.

To learn more about the process from a Fishkill electrician or for a free quote, contact us now at (845) 262-4958.

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