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Electrical Re-Wiring Services in Fishkill

Increasing the Safety of Your Electrical System

Do you know when your electrical system and wiring was installed? If you do not know the answer or know that it was installed many decades ago, it is likely that you have outdated wiring which could be unsafe. Our Fishkill electricians at Burke Services can handle the safe replacement of old wiring in Garrison, Cold Spring, Beacon, and all of the Hudson Valley.

We can complete an inspection of your existing wiring to determine if re-wiring is necessary. This will include establishing what type of material was used, when it was installed, and whether your system is keeping up with your demands.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Home's Wiring

Many years ago when homes were built, knob and tube and aluminum wiring were frequently used. While this may have been safe or workable at the time, this technology is outdated and poses a potential hazard. In fact, aluminum wiring is a major fire hazard and if it is left in place too long, can lead to serious damage or physical harm.

A few other reasons to consider re-wiring include:

  • If your lights are constantly dimming or flickering.
  • If your fuses are constantly blowing.
  • If you have charred light switches or outlets.

Hire an Electrical Wiring Professional in the Hudson Valley

When it comes to Fishkill electrical wiring services, you cannot afford to hire anyone who will cut corners. Our licensed, bonded, and insured company is ready to handle all of your electrical demands, from new wiring to the replacement of old, outdated wiring. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction and safety, working to ensure the job is completed properly and up to code. In order to make our services more accessible, we offer financing options for qualifying customers.

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