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If you have recently purchased an electric vehicle or are considering one, you may have concerns about the installation of an EV charging station. Whether you are worried about your electrical system's ability to power an EV charger or you simply don't understand the process, our Fishkill electricians at Burke Services can help. We can guide you throughout the process, showing you where to begin and ensuring your charging station is properly installed into your electrical system.

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How Does EV Charging Installation Work?

Owning an electric vehicle has many benefits, including long-term cost savings on gas as well as being better for the environment. Most manufacturers recommend hiring a trained electrician to take care of the EV charger installation process in your home. Although you could simply plug in your vehicle to an electrical outlet, this is not the most efficient way to charge your vehicle and could unsafely increase the demands on your electrical system.

The basic steps of the installation process are as follows:

  • Make an appointment: We can offer you a free consultation to discuss your needs and determine what upgrades, if any, need to be made to your electrical system.
  • Upgrades: If any upgrades need to be made, we will provide you with our analysis and ensure your electrical system is prepared to handle the demands of an EV charging station.
  • Placement and installation: Once a new circuit has been installed, we can determine the best placement and install your EV charging station.
  • Post-installation: Experience the convenience of having your car charge in your own home. If you have any issues or need tips on how to use your equipment, we can help.

To make an appointment for Fishkill EV charger installation services in the Hudson Valley, call our office today at (845) 262-4958.

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