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In any given room, there should be multiple layers of lighting to give it an even and aesthetic appearance. Are you happy with the lighting in your home or does it seem drab and outdated? In addition to general lighting and task lighting, accent lighting helps to accentuate certain areas of your home. Whether you have specific artwork that you would like accented or think customized lighting would be a great way to personalize your home, our Fishkill electricians at Burke Services can help.

We would be happy to work with you to incorporate your ideas into a lighting design to enhance your space. Providing service in Garrison, Cold Spring, and the Hudson Valley!

Types of Accent Lighting We Install

If there are not different layers of light in your home, you may want to consider accent lighting. We can show you examples of the different types of accent and track lighting we offer, as well as how a Fishkill lighting upgrade can improve your home. You might be amazed at what a difference it can make to have customized lighting adding the finishing touch and highlighting your space.

A few examples of the types of accent lighting we offer include:

  • String lighting
  • LED strip lights
  • LED rope lights
  • Track lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Picture lighting
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Shelf lighting

Enjoy the Benefits of Fishkill Accent Lighting

In addition to the aesthetic qualities that accent lighting can add to your home, there are many other benefits you can enjoy. Accent lighting can be added to your dining room or extra space where you host guests for extra fun. If your home is dark at night and you roam around in the dark to find a light in the bathroom or kitchen, you can add rope lights or track lighting to illuminate your way for safety. Another factor to consider is accent lighting or any type of new lighting upgrade acts as a great selling point if you choose to sell your home.

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